Chiropractic News Round-up! Week of May 14th

Summer is finally upon us and boy, we couldn’t be happier! Time to get outside and enjoy all the outdoor activities we have been missing! Now let’s get on with this weeks news.

You may ask yourself if the the MyoVision 3G Wirefree system is right for you? Watch this video and decide for yourself!

More MyoVision news: We are going abroad! The inventor of MyoVision, David Marcarian, has just landed in Europe to attend the ECU convention this Thursday through Saturday! He will be making his way around the UK, Spain, and The Netherlands. If you want more information on where you can find him, email me.

Would you believe me if I told you you could improve your posture in one simple step? See how.

It is no secret that Americans are overweight. But is a new weight-loss drug really the answer to our problem? According to the FDA, it is.

New study shows that people who dwell over chronic pain, tend to experience more day-to-day pain due to lack of of sleep.

Spring & Summer usually mean starting some projects around the house. If you plan on painting, make sure you are using toxic free paint throughout your home!

Yoga or Spin class? How about doing both! That way you can find balance of the body and mind.

Get outside and tend to your garden! It provides many health benefits such as easing stress, keeping you limber, and improving your health!

Yoga is especially helpful with diminishing low back pain according to the largest U.S. yoga study!

Well, that is it for this week folks! Enjoy the sunshine & I will see you next week! Feel free to contact me if you have any articles you want in the next round-up!

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