Doctor’s Corner: How Does MyoVision Accelerate Practice Community Outreach?

A word from Dr. Michael Fleischer:

Have you ever wanted one consistent method that would inspire your practice membership to tell everyone they know about your Chiropractic adjustments?  We endlessly thank our most outspoken patients as they often deliver many of their friends and family to our door.  What about the other 90% of your patients who quietly appreciate the healing adjustments you have provided? Have you ever wished that your entire practice could be just like the one mom that endlessly raves to everyone about your caring hands?  Word of mouth is the single most powerful business building tool and will drive a practice with greater community awareness resulting in steady patient volume.  We all know that an active internal referral base fuels the fire.  Our people become our buzz as our hands do the walking.  Now it is time to pour gasoline on the fire by painting a canvas for patients from which to build word pictures of our practice.

Is it not sometimes easier to show a picture than try to describe the invisible?  MyoVision in its very name implies a way to see into the body.  We give patients a painted canvas of how the subluxation causes irritation, asymmetry, and muscle recruitment with reports that boast primary colors as a simple easy to share explanation of what happened in the office.

The chiropractic adjustment changes awareness of the body for most patients but never provides a color illustration of body status and progress.  MyoVision is a high-tech tool that now breathes life into our high touch method for inspiring communication among our practice members and will accelerate community outreach.  Each patient when they leave the office will have with them a picture and, in essence, an invitation for their friends and associates to gain insight into their own body.

A picture will often be far more dramatic than a thousand words!

If you aren’t already using and sharing what is available in the MyoVision software to generate patient enthusiasm or are seeking additional ideas on how to inspire community, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Dr. Michael Fleischer has taken Chiropractic to many parts of the world including Hawaii, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria.  “I have traveled the world with Chiropractic and I possess a deep appreciation for how the community and culture of Chiropractic brings the gift of precision adjusting and biometrics to our global partners.”   His many years of clinical practice inside both domestic and international communities have taught him the importance of effectively communicating the chiropractic adjustment.  His training in sEMG began in 1998 with older technology and now has progressed with the advent of 3G wireless DynaROM systems to elevate the standard of communication with lawyers, jurors, and patients.  He is an advocate for patient’s rights and educating the medical, legal and chiropractic communities on the importance of exacting documentation for necessity of care. He currently teaches sEMG to physicians as a foundational component for building, managing, and protecting the Chiropractic practice.

This is a part of an ongoing series with doctors using our equipment in their practice.

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