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Our doctors report a significant increase in their patient visit average (PVA) in the first month of using the MyoVision system. We recently compiled all the information they gave us into a list of simple things you can do to grow your practice using the MyoVision system and patient education.

1. Invite all of your existing patients (and their families) into your office for a free screening. Let them know that you have a new device designed by a NASA researcher.

2. Food drives are a great thing to do year-round, but especially gear up for it around the holidays. Offer free screenings to new patients who bring in a can of food. (See our article about other ways to give back through chiropractic, as well.)

3. Use our Free Scan Certificates! Give five Free Scan Certificates to every patient who comes through your door. You’ll see a huge return from patients who have a positive experience in your office and want to pass on the opportunity to a friend or family member.

4. If you are trying to build a Personal Injury practice, perform the DynaROM on all PI patients in the beginning, middle and end of treatment. Document the change in their spinal health exactly as shown in the AMA’s Practical Guide to Range-of-Motion Assessment. Watch your practice grow! Doctors in WA report +90% payment on this 15 minute exam.

This is an ongoing series entitled: MyoVision Best Practice Guide. Stay tuned for more! 

(If you want to share tips and tricks from your MyoVision practice, please email We are planning a series of interviews and we’d love to hear from you!)

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Courtney was the original voice of MyoVision’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages. She has a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing from Knox College, and currently writes for The SunBreak online magazine.
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