Chiro News Round-up Week of Oct. 10th

It’s another great week in our Seattle office. This week’s roundup starts with an older story that bears repeating. Via Seattle Bike Blog Jeff Ward is a chiropractor in the Seattle area and he’s also a biker. Here’s a video of his amazing karate stylings as he’s hit by a car, but miraculously lands on his feet.

Here’s what’s happening around the country and the world in chiropractic.

It’s National Chiropractic Health Month. Here’s how you can show your participation.

This chiropractor is spreading the good chiropractic word in Micronesia. Awesome!

Always stretch before texting, or you may fall victim to “Text Neck”

Lookin’ good! Male Chiropractor dons dress for charity.

Attitude counts! Poor attitude can result in more back pain.

Five secrets that don’t cost a thing to ease back-pain.

Depressing week for vitamins  they may not be as great as once believed.

This shouldn’t surprise most of you, but just because diet soda doesn’t use real sugar does not mean it’s healthy.

Make sure the backpack your child wears isn’t throwing her spine out of alignment!

Exercise can help prevent migraines, but you still don’t want to exercise while you’re experiencing one.

In case you needed an excuse to eat chocolate, it can help prevent strokes.

My mother (and chiropractor) definitely approve of Don’t Slouch Day on October 16.

All right, what did I miss? Have any other stories to share?

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